Q&A: The House of Magic’s Danny Cole


Witness an extraordinary world of magic and wonder at The House of Magic at Studio City Macau. The specially designed show has just opened in our sister SAR and is set to be Asia’s new mecca of magic with performances from world renowned magicians, including the legendary Franz Harary. We sit down for a chat with magician Danny Cole as he graces the stage at The House of Magic and learn a few tricks of the trade from the charming illusionist.

Hi Danny! How did your career in magic begin? 
I started doing magic when I was 10-years-old after seeing Siegfried and Roy perform in Las Vegas. After seeing the show I thought to myself, “I can do that!”

What keeps you inspired? 
I love creating my own tricks. I get excited about the artistic side of magic. There’s nothing more satisfying than envisioning something magical, then figuring out how to create that illusion and eventually performing it. 

Tell us something special about your performance at The House of Magic. 
One of my signature routines involves me sitting in an invisible chair. I developed this illusion more than 10 years ago and it’s become very widely copied. But I can assure you I was the first magician to do it. 

How has it been working with Franz Harary at The House of Magic? 
Franz’s creativity and work ethic is inspiring. He’s constantly developing new magic and it’s a pleasure to watch his development process. 

What is the most difficult part of pulling off each and every magic trick? 
Magic takes a lot of acting. Because I’m aware of what’s actually happening, it can be very difficult to believe in the impossibility of what is supposedly happening. The challenge is believing in the magic while trying to ignore what you know is going on behind the scenes. 

Can you share a magic secret with us?
The big secret of magic is that the secrets to the tricks are usually extremely simple. It’s usually something that can be said in a few words. Most magic tricks fool us because we over-think the solutions. The beauty and difficulty in creating magic is finding the simple secret that can create a magical experience.

The House of Magic Studio City Macau, Estrada Flor de Lotus, Cotai, Macau. Tickets: $450 for general admission; available at studiocity-macau.com or call toll free 800 900 783. 



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