Art Square: Wall-less Chit-ChaNt + Live Art Daily

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Jan 11-May 29


Eunice Tsang checks out public art installations on display at Art Square

Although the Hong Kong Museum of Art is temporarily closed for renovation, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your dose of art! From now until May 29, "Wall-less Chit-ChaNt" exhibition will be showcasing two fascinating art installations in Art Square, at the Salisbury Garden just outside the Museum. The exhibited artworks by Freeman Lau and Zheng Bo are fun, interactive and free for all to enjoy.

Freeman Lau, internationally acclaimed artist and designer, is most well-known for his elegant yet quirky design of the Chairplay Series, using chairs as his motif. For "Wall-less Chit-ChaNt" exhibition, he is presenting Agenda No 3, made of 24 and 36 pieces of black and white chairs that are fitted to create a forum-style circular structure. “When I see what’s been happening in society, conflicts regarding public space and politics,” Lau explains, “that inspires me to create work that can act as a response to those issues.” The chairs are movable and can be rearranged, inviting the visitors to sit and relax on them. “I hope that strangers can sit together and start chatting,” says Lau. “It’s about creating a society that is tolerant of different opinions. We should be open and accepting of each other.” Head down to Art Square and strike up a conversation with a stranger – it might just make your day!

It’s impossible to miss the massive cornet in the centre of Art Square. Sing For Her is an installation by Zheng Bo, a conceptual artist interested in socially-engaged art for more than 10 years. Above the mouthpiece of the cornet is a small screen that shows karaoke-style videos of songs of different communities. The game is that you must follow the video and sing, otherwise it will stop playing. “There are many ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, including the Filipinos, the Indonesians and the Nepalese. I’ve noticed that music always plays a big part when they come together on Sundays.” Zheng explains his concept for Sing For Her: “It’s about making music, spreading music. With the video, you are in a way forced to learn about something that you have always encountered, but don’t necessarily understand.” Like Lau, Zheng hopes that his art installation will provide a look at a more harmonious society. It’s not every day that you get to karaoke through a gigantic cornet, so don’t be shy and sing your heart out!

In addition to the installations, there is a fringe programme called "Live Art Daily", organized by the programme partner Make A Difference Institute. If you want to get a closer glimpse of what goes on inside the minds of artists, there is a series of interactive activities like lectures, studio visits and even phone-in sessions! Art is all around you!

Wall-less Chit-ChaNt Exhibition 
Until May 29, Art Square, Salisbury Garden, Tsim Sha Tsui. Free, open daily.
Enquiries: 2721 0116

Live Art Daily - A Fringe Programme of the Exhibition
Feb 20 & Mar 12 (Sat), 1:00 - 6:00pm, Art Square
Enquiries: 3996 1963 /


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