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Image: LCSD

Trees are awesome. You could be forgiven for sometimes thinking there is a dearth of green in our highly urbanised city (minibuses don’t count). But, actually Hong Kong has hundreds of trees which are not only green, but also incredibly cool. Over 500 of them can be found on the government ‘Register of Old & Valuable Trees (OVT)’, which puts protection on trees that are especially large, historical or rare.

Pick your favourite OVT as part of The Development Bureau’s ‘Our Favourite Old and Valuable Trees (OVTs)’ contest. All you have to do is visit, and cast a vote for your favourite Hong Kong tree, before September 12. Twenty lucky voters will win a $1,000 gift coupon and certificate.

If you need any inspiration, check out our list of top ten coolest HK trees hereGabriele Bettinazz 

Old and Valuable Trees Contest, until Fri Sep


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