Interview: David Beckham on his new collection and why he thinks Hongkongers are so stylish


We chat with the global style icon about his new collection, staying humble and why he thinks Hongkongers are so stylish.

The Venetian Macao’s brand new H&M store opened last week. Cheering fans lined the Grand Canal in anticipation. But this was no ordinary store opening. David Beckham has been collaborating with the retail giant since 2012 and his body wear collections, perhaps unsurprisingly, have proven to be a big hit. Becks was in town to launch his new line, Modern Essentials. It’s his first full menswear collaboration with the brand and includes style staples such as linen jackets and white wash denim, ideal for summer. We caught up with the star to discuss his transition from bending it like Beckham to becoming an international style icon, charity owner and all round family man.

How do you balance family life with all of these overseas trips?
My priority is always the family and Victoria and I always ensure we are there for our children.  Yes, we work hard but family comes first.

You travel very often; what do you enjoy most about visiting Hong Kong and Macau?
Hong Kong and Macau are both very dynamic cities.  I am always inspired about the culture, people and food in these two cities.  There is always so much to do and so much to explore! I am always excited when I get to travel here.

Your wife is obviously a fashion icon and you are known for your impeccable taste – what do you think of Hong Kong’s fashion scene?
Just like the city itself, Hong Kong’s fashion scene is also changing at a fast pace.  People in Hong Kong are stylish and fashionable, which is one of the many reasons making Hong Kong itself such an energetic place. I was actually talking to Victoria about this last night, she loves it here, and her designs are so well suited to Asian women.  

There have been a lot of high-end collaborations with H&M in the past few years; do you think this is a way for designers to be more accessible to the general public?
H&M’s designer collaborations are always exciting and surprising. It is so great that fashion is not a question of price, and it can now be more accessible to everyone interested in fashion. 

What’s been your favourite part about working on the Venetian campaign in Macau?
The favourite part of coming to Macau for H&M’s grand opening is definitely being able to meet with my fans. To see that the collaborative collection with H&M, Modern Essentials collection, being sold at the first H&M store in Macau is just very exciting. 

You recently set up your own charity, 7, with UNICEF. What are the aims of this?
It is an ambitious programme that will help over 7 projects in most need around the world. Together with UNICEF, we want to ensure that every child is protected from danger by raising vital funds and influence world leaders to help protect the world’s most vulnerable children, whether in education, water and sanitation, health care or social protection, 7 will help to reach the children who need it most.

Football is probably the world’s favourite sport, and definitely one of the most profitable, do you think that there’s scope for it to be more charitable?
Yes there is always scope for football to be more charitable but a lot happens already.  Personally I have always been passionate about charity and I am honoured to be collaborating with UNICEF for over 12 years now.   

You’ve come from humble beginnings in the UK, how do you manage to stay grounded with a Hollywood lifestyle?
I do normal things and I surround myself with people who keep me grounded. 

Now that you’ve retired from football, where do you see your career taking you?
Today, the need to help children has never been greater and since retiring I have more time and I want to do so much more.  At this moment, my number one priority is the 7 fund and my own businesses. 

What’s been the most memorable point of your career, this far?
There are so many great moments but winning the treble with Manchester United and captaining my country was special. Interview by Hannah Hodson

Modern Essentials by David Beckham is now available citywide;


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