Hong Kong Profile: Letao Wang - Astrologist and tarot card reader


Astrologist and tarot card reader

The room glows with the reflection of candlelight off a basketball-sized crystal ball that sits on a cloth-covered table. An elderly lady dressed in a beaded shawl stares into the ball, waving her hands and commanding the future to reveal itself. 

Now take that image and chuck it away. This is a Hollywood-esque image of a fortune teller, an image that Letao Wang, tarot card reader and astrologist, wants out of your head when you enter his ‘Healing Kingdom’ – his reading room in Tai Hang. Born and raised in Beijing, it was during his studies in Sydney that Wang first encountered the world of cartomancy. 

“I walked into a store with my friend and this guy turned round and said, ‘I’m a fortune teller, do you want a reading?’” recalls Wang. “At first, half of it was pretty accurate. Three months later, everything he said came true, even the things I originally believed [were] absolutely bullshit!”

The fortune teller who gave him that first reading eventually became his teacher. Later, when Wang decided to move to Hong Kong, he brought his tarot cards with him. “I used to do readings for friends, but later on I had an opportunity to go to an exhibition called the Hong Kong Holistic Fair. I had a booth there and my booth was the busiest. People were actually lining up, they [wanted] a reading from me.”

Supposed psychics have been around for centuries, and there are various forms of the art, from speaking to the spirit world to plastromancy (reading turtle shells). The art of tarot card reading has gained many believers in its 300-or-so years of history and even more sceptics. Although Wang has come across plenty of these non-believers in the past, he is certain he can ‘convert’ them by doing a simple reading. “I think when you are actually in distress and you are looking for an answer about your life, the universe will help and will always guide you,” he says. “The universe will give you the answer you need. It might not be the answer you want to hear, but it’s definitely the answer that you need to know.” 

Wang calls himself The Healer and tells us that around 80 percent of his clients have questions about relationships. “I had one client who was unhappy in her marriage,” he recalls. “I said, ‘let’s have a look at the cards. Do you realise the fact you’re not happy with your husband is not that your husband is a bad guy – it’s because you’re in love with someone else now?’ She was in shock. She went on to pull two cards, the anchor and the heart. I told her, ‘he’s still thinking about you, his love for you is anchored down,’ at which point she broke down.” 

Of course, there are limitations to what Wang says he can do. “At the end of the day, I’m not a wizard. I can’t put a magic spell on someone’s life and change it. But I can tell them what direction they need to follow. Sometimes when you’re trapped, you can’t see things in a sensible way. My job is to make things clear for my clients, but eventually they are the ones who should make the effort to make their lives better. If people just want to see a freak show, fine – I will freak them out! But that’s not what I am aiming towards.”

Wang believes his cards speak to him, that they have a special relationship, and so he treats them like his friends. “The more I talk to them and read them, the more they talk to me. I will not use other people’s cards because they don’t speak to me.” 

Wang has certain decks that he has been using for years, in particular a set named Lenono –special French Lenormand-style cards designed by his teacher Paris Debono. (Yes, we know – Lenono by Debono). Wang is the only fortune teller in Hong Kong able to read these cards. The energy of the cards lasts three months but, apparently, the energy of his readings lasts six months. So, in other words, there’s a bit of extrapolation going on.

As for the future of his fortune telling, Wang is in the process of making his own deck of cards. This yet-to-be-named deck of tarot cards will feature his own version of the Roman deities and a professional designer is working on the illustrations. “There is absolutely a personal touch to designing your own cards. I am giving birth to them,” he says. Krshna Moriani


Find out more about the Kingdom Healer at thehealingkingdom.com.


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