Date Our Readers revisited (Kitty)


A former Date Our Readers entrant talks about her experience – and why she’s still with the same reader one year on.

Kitty Wong was a part of our Date Our Readers feature in 2015. She tells us about her experience and how she found someone worth sticking with.

Why exactly did you decide to enter Date Our Readers 2015?
I've always wanted to try Date Our Readers. The year before I was already seeing someone so I couldn’t participate, but last year I was single and so excited to enter! It just seems like a unique experience.

How long had you been single prior to that and why?
For about a year. I’d been going on dates but there was no-one I really connected with.

What has been your experience of the HK dating scene? Is it easy or tough?
I think the HK dating scene is definitely really tough (for girls at least), especially if you’re looking for someone who’s creative and genuine. I think the city is just not very romantically minded; people here are really career focused. In Canada, where I grew up, the culture is a bit more find a boy/girlfriend to stay at home and watch movies together, but Hong Kong has too many things going on.

When you received your applicants for a date, what was your first impression of all those who applied? Why did you choose your date?
The other guys who write in seemed a bit too cocky bragging about their achievements, but Galvin seemed really genuine in his message and he took the time to respond to what I said in the original bio.

Where did you have your date?
Jimmy’s Kitchen in Central

When he sat down, what were your honest impressions and expectations? Got any funny anecdotes from the date?
While we were emailing about our first date I remember Galvin volunteered to make the dinner reservations, I thought that small gesture was very sweet and gentlemanly. Since he was a philosophy major, during dinner he was impressed that I could list the name of five philosophers (Phew, thanks to my one Philosophy credit at university).

How long have you been dating now, and would you ever have expected this?
I guess it would be almost a year, since Jimmy’s was our first date. I never imagined Date Our Readers would work out, I mainly just thought it would be a funny thing to do. We still have a good laugh every time we tell someone how we met.

What is your advice to potential Date Our Readers 2016 applicants?
Just do it! Go with an open mind and just enjoy yourself. As with most things in life, even if it doesn't work out, you’ll have a funny story to tell your friends. Plus this one includes dinner!


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