Booka Shade


For all those people who have other halves, be it in a relationship or work partnership: sometimes you need some healthy time apart, don’t you? Well, not so if you’re Booka Shade’s Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger. The German duo has amazingly been side-by-side almost every day for the past 24 years. They first started jamming during their teenage years and made their debut in the early 90s as a boy band called Planet Claire. But – lucky for us and, most certainly, for the world of deep house music – the pair have since moved on to more sophisticated ventures.

After a modest entrance into the house world in 1995, they honed their craft and broke out a decade later with their first album Memento. Nowadays, Booka Shade has become a name synonymous with quality deep house tunes. And, together with fellow Berlin-based house duo MANDY, the power quadruplet founded the Get Physical label in 2002 and each stepped it up to the next level. Rather than work on producing platinum albums and tracks, Booka Shade’s focus is on bringing something new to the scene by fusing their sound with influences from other genres such as classical, rock, jazz and dubstep.

Although their albums are at the more lax-and-chilled-out end of the electronic scale, Booka’s live performances are a far more pulsating affair. On stage, Kammermeier plays the drums as Merziger hits the keyboards and synth, giving gigs a more upbeat atmosphere. And the crowds love it, with dancing aplenty. Whether we’ll be treated to the same during the duo’s gig at Macau’s Club Cubic on September 28 is yet to be known. But deep house fans can only hope.

Davis Cheung

Catch Booka Shade spinning at Club Cubic on Friday September 28



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