New in town: Club 18


Oral fixation. No, not the Shakira album or Freudian psychoanalysis – we’re talking about the oversized, blazing pink rhinestone lips plastered all over Club 18’s shiny digs. Since last October’s soft opening, this fresh Lyndhurst Terrace venue, which cites itself as a ‘fun place for fun people’, has been audaciously shaking up the club scene – and the lips are just part of it. They envision themselves as more than just a club and claim to be a future mecca for emerging music artists.

This may sounds like a lofty vision, but after the success of Macanese sister Club Cubic (the venue is designed by Cubic’s Bosco Lam), it seems it could possibly be achievable. Club 18 has a disco-glam theme to it, with more of those crimson lips digitally printed onto tabletops which stand out under stunning LED ceilings. Their private room is a mirrored, turquoise-toned delight, and retro 50s-inspired booths appeal to young trendsetters. Most importantly, though, is, save for Saturdays, there are no cover charges – say what?!

The club’s moonlighting job, however, is the real draw, serving as regular platform for local indie and rock bands during weekdays. It’s the opposite of those ‘members-only’ clubs that litter LKF – instead, Club 18 focuses on emerging homegrown music. This marriage of the clubbing and live music scene is an uncommon but much-needed combo that we hope to one day see more of in our city. 

Hong Kong already has the low and high ends of the market covered – but there aren’t many venues that cater to the middle segment. With their slick yet affordable venue and commitment to local talent, Club 18 looks set to fill this gap with style. They plan to hit the ground running for their grand opening between February and March, so watch this space. Vineeta Maruti

Club 18 18 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central;


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