Women in martial arts: Sharon Yeung Pan-Pan 楊盼盼


Our film pick: The Story of Drunken Master

Sharon Yeung Pan-Pan was born in 1958 in Taiwan and admitted to Fu Shing Peking Opera at the young age of four. As a teenager, Yeung began her career as a stuntwoman in 80s action movies in Hong Kong. Over time she learned the choy li fut and hung ga kuen martial art styles and became known for her dizzying kicks, fast footwork and strong stances. Yeung’s most prominent roles were in the 1990s movies Angel Enforcer, Angel Terminators and The Way of the Lady Boxers. She became popular with action directors and played many anti-hero roles because of her no-nonsense look. She also starred in the TVB annual television series TVB Qing, in which she wowed audiences with her audacious stunts. Also in the 1990s, Yeung tried her hand at action directing and producing TV series and movies, becoming accomplished at both roles. She founded Brilliant Emperor Action Training Studio, also known as Hithut, in 2010 to train aspiring action stars (like Mandy Ho, also in this feature) and anyone interested in fight choreography. Meera Toraskar

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