The second Asia LGBT Milestone Awards


Every year there are new, positive and impactful changes that benefit the LGBTI community. This is in, no small part, due to the hard work of individuals, groups and even corporations who make it their goal to, in some way, improve the livelihood of the LGBTI community. This is no small feat, especially within the Asia region where there is still strong contention against equal rights and recognition of LGBTI people. This fact hasn’t stopped the ambition, spirit and fortitude of a few exceptional individuals from carrying on the good fight.

And to honour these individuals, Singapore’s online-only gay magazine, Elements, is for the second year, organising the Asia LGBT Milestone Awards & Diversity Leadership Forum (ALMA Awards) to celebrate their achievements and to also show that there is a force pushing for progress on LGBTI rights throughout Asia. 

The event takes place on Tuesday April 14 in Bangkok, just after all the wet and wild fun at Songkran. A few of the finalists include Geng Le, a former Chinese policeman who successfully raised enough capital to launch the Mainland’s very first gay dating app, Blued; Koyuki Higashi and Hiroko Masuhara, a lesbian couple from Japan running a LGBTI lifestyle business, who also made history by putting on the first gay marriage at Disneyland Tokyo; Nisha Ayub, a Malaysian transgender activist, who was thrown into jail during a fight to overturn an anti-cross dressing law; and last but not least Hong Kong’s very own lesbian couple Betty Grisoni and Abby Lee, who have been the premiere LGBTI leaders for over a decade in our city, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Les Peches - the largest lesbian and feminist organisation in Hong Kong. 

The judging panel at the awards consists of 100 members from 11 Asian countries, who are collectively to determine the results for 10 categories which include, Entrepreneur of the Year, Hero of the Year, Role Model of the Year, Icon of the Year, Diversity Champion of the year and Community Leader of the Year. And the criteria is really based on how influential the impact of each individual or business has been during 2014. Who will be deemed to have made the strongest milestone achievement to the LGBTI community?

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