KidsFest 2015

This event has passed
Jan 14-Feb 15

It won’t take long for Christmas to become a fading memory. But if you’ve made a resolution to spend more family time in the New Year, Graham Turner is on hand to tell you why you should check out KidsFest

Hong Kong’s largest English language children’s theatre fest returns for its fourth year with eight top quality, family friendly stage plays and… dinosaurs! Running from January 14 to February 15, Kidsfest is a great way to introduce the little ones to the magic of theatre. Here’s a rundown of all the shows so you can pick and choose at your own discretion. Surely among these selections at least one will stop the kids singing Let It Go for just one evening. The Drama Theatre at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts plays host to this year’s festivities.

The Gruffalo
Jan 15-18
If you’re going to take the kids to one show, make it this one. The award-winning tale of Mouse drips in imagination and wonder, making The Gruffalo something of a modern classic. We love it, you’ll love it
and the kids will definitely love it.

The Snail and the Whale
Jan 21-25
Snails aren’t generally known for their intrepid traveller instincts, meaning this cute little show is something of a pioneer in breaking the snail stereotype. Created by the guys behind The Gruffalo, this epic yarn incorporates live music, physical storytelling and, essentially, plenty of giggles.

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo
Jan 22-25
Poor spelling aside, this dino-tastic production is a real highlight of the festival. Who doesn’t love a good dinosaur? In this interactive production, kids learn how to feed and interact with Erth’s dinosaurs in his dinosaur zoo. A totally unique and interactive experience.

The Princess and the Pea
Jan 28-Feb 1
A wonderful new adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s timeless classic, which deals in surprisingly heady and nebulous themes while remaining entertaining and accessible for kids of all ages.

Hugless Douglas
Jan 29-Feb 1
This play is kind of like Little Red Riding Hood, but with the implied slaughter over a disagreement on the optimal serving temperature of porridge replaced with hugs. That makes it a surefire winner then.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea
Feb 5-15
From the story originally published in 1968, the tea-guzzling tiger makes his triumphant return to the stage in Asia following a successful run in London’s West End. In a dizzying flurry of delight, expect sing-a-longs, lots of falling over and general warm-hearted chaos in this classic come to life.

Vile Victorians
Feb 6-14
The popular Horrible Histories series of books comes alive on stage with this iteration addressing the fascinatingly queasier side of British Victorian-era history. A fun and participatory show that’s ideal for the budding historian in your litter.

Barmy Britain
Feb 7-15
Another cracking stage adaption from the Horrible Histories canon, this time heading back over the quirky side of the long and decidedly fascinating history of the British Isles. Don’t mistake their grisly take on the tale as just a bit of fun. On the contrary, Barmy Britain – Part Two (don’t worry if you haven’t seen part one, you’ll pick it up) is a beautifully unorthodox depiction of period history that incites a passion for the topic in even the staunchest historical naysayers in the family.

KidsFest 2015
Jan 14-Feb 15, Drama Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Wan Chai; $195-$435.

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