Slice of life


Do you think the buildings in Hong Kong are getting too tall?
Jasmine, 9: Yes 'cause airplanes usually fly high so if the buildings in Hong Kong are too high, the planes will hit them.
Lily, 10: Kind of. Because sometimes if it gets too high, it destroys people's views and they can go crazy and stuff.
Alex, 8: Not really, because Hong Kong needs some skyscrapers. And I like them.

What would you say to Edward Snowden if you met him?
Michelle, 6:
"Can I play with you?"
Alex: "Greetings!"
Maddie, 3: "Are you my daddy?"

What do you think we can do to help pollution in Hong Kong?
Emily, 8: Make a grass circle around factories so the pollution will get trapped.
Nicolas, 8: Recycle.

Do you think HK's weather forecast system is good?
Jasmine: Yes, because it's like a time machine. It will tell you what will happen for the future.
Michelle: No, because it rains.
Alex: Yes, because whenever there's an amber rainstorm it's always an amber rainstorm.

What are your thoughts on the HK international school education system?
Jasmine: I think it works very well because I'm very happy right now.
Lily: It's good. I'm learning a lot this year. More than I thought I would.
Nicolas: What the heck is that?

Do you think there are too many superhero movies out on the market these days?
Michelle: No, because all of the superheroes are my favourite. Especially Wonderwoman.
Lily: Yes and no. Because sometimes people can get over-obsessed about them.
Alex: I don't really like them and there is a bit too much. I would love to see Star Wars instead.
Nicolas: I like the Marvel ones. Not all of them, though. Some of them shouldn't have been made. Like Iron Man 2.

How do you feel about refugees in Hong Kong?
Jasmine, 9: I feel pity for them because they were living in a happy life before but now they have to move to another country with no food, no home, nothing.
Lily: I think it's okay. I'm glad they're coming to Hong Kong. My home country!
Gemma, 10: I'm really sad and I really want to help them.

How would you deal with crime in Hong Kong?
Jasmine: I would make myself become president and ask the bad guy 'you want money, right?' and then I would throw all the money down on them.
Maddie: With swords.
Gemma: Use karate on them.
Emily: Call the police. Get boxing gloves and punch them.
Nicolas: It's easy. That's a job for Iron Man.

How do you feel about the long work hours in Hong Kong?
Lily: Bad 'cause my parents come home late.
Alex: I think the work people should take a break.
Gemma: Sort of weird. I don't like my dad going away so long.
Nicolas: I think they're too long. But it's worth it for the money.

How do you feel about your domestic helper?
Jasmine: I feel thankful because they've been waking up early in the morning and late at night working for us.
Josh, 5: The helper sometimes forgets to buy stuff but she's okay.
Gemma: I feel happy for her because we're treating her like our own family.


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