Music Surveillance Festival

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Jan 29

Sing for Shing

If you’ve ever seen an arresting photo of a local gig, there’s a good chance that Vic Shing was the man behind the lens. He follows more than 50 local musicians and bands around Hong Kong, photographing them for his Facebook page and filming them for his YouTube channel. With over 6,500 likes and 3,000 videos, he’s Hong Kong’s largest indie music video host. And, he does it all for free. 

The underground music scene in Hong Kong is like a family. When someone is in need, people step up to help them, because many in the scene have been a struggling artist looking for a break at one time or another. Rewarding Shing’s selfless support for HK musicians are 11 local bands. Together, they’re donating the proceeds of a one-night show at Orange Peel to Shing in order to help him purchase new equipment. “This event is about paying our ongoing respects to a man who has helped us all out somewhere along the way, and he has never asked for anything in return,” punk rockabilly group Tango & Snatch tell Time Out.

On the night, “Each band is playing two or three songs, so if you don’t like a band, it’s like a TV show, someone else is coming on right after,” reveals Joul Jacquin, singer-songwriter of HK-based rock band Dr Eggs and host of the event. The eclectic lineup covers a variety of genres, including 60s ska in the form of 10-piece band The Red Stripes (pictured), reggae dub courtesy of Mousefx (also of Sensi Lion), solo multi-instrumentalist and didgeridoo tunes from Hakgwai and groovy pop by Slightly Funkish. Other notable names include Stranded Whale, The Boogie Playboy, Groove Lee, 一般性 (JatBunSing) and Club Figaro. “No performance is the same unless we see Vic’s lens buzzing around us! We’re delighted to be playing at the event in honour and gratitude for his efforts, and we hope to see him at many more of our shows in the future,” enthuses Paul Stripe, of The Red Stripes.

Experience a stacked lineup featuring some of the city’s best local musicians paying homage to another artist’s endeavours, and help raise some money so he can continue shining his magic lens on our local scene. Kaitlin McPhee

Music Surveillance Festival Fri Jan 29, 7pm. Orange Peel, Central. Tickets: $120 (door only).


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