Super Junior

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May 28

K-pop royalty

Armed with countless music awards, powerhouse vocals and flawless good looks, iconic South Korean boy band Super Junior are a force to be reckoned with. More than 11 years since their formation they continue to top the music charts, one insanely catchy and deliciously choreographed single at a time. They’ve won the hearts of millions and show no sign of stopping any time soon.

As one of the earliest boy bands to emerge out of the now well-established Seoul entertainment scene, Super Junior helped pioneer the K-pop wave that’s spread across Asia. Their 2006 breakthrough single, U, dominated South Korean radio stations, launching them to unprecedented superstardom. Nine albums and six international tours later, Super Junior are a household name across much of the region, establishing the standard for other boy bands to emulate. And they don’t stop there. Currently, there are five Super Junior subgroups, most of which the original Super Junior collaborated with on their 10th album, Devil.

Without compromising their trademark bubblegum-pop sound, Super Junior have pulled off the tough trick of evolving as artists while maintaining their original fans. Consistently reinventing their collective image and style, they’ve gone from the alternative rock hits featured in Don’t Don to the sleek R&B of Sorry, Sorry. Unafraid to experiment, Super Junior leave their fans perpetually wondering what’s next. For the most part, though, each Super Junior album incorporates funky, upbeat melodies that intersperse falsettos with rap choruses that inspire audiences to get up and dance. Their lyrics are typically sanguine and uplifting, exploring relatable topics such as dating without seeming overly repetitive.

But what truly spurs Super Junior’s mass appeal is the brotherly chemistry among the 11 members, who are often seen joking with one another during interviews. Their cohesiveness offstage translates seamlessly onstage, serving to fuel even more excitement among their loyal listeners. Combining classic B-boy-influenced choreography, stellar visual effects and a high-energy atmosphere, this special performance at Studio City in Macau ought to be a fitting celebration of more than a decade of Super Junior. Sophia Wu

Super Junior Sat May 28, Studio City, Macau. Tickets: $580-$1,580;


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