Eat it like a pro: Learn how to eat a host of tricky dishes the right way


Ever looked at a crab with no idea how to go about eating it? Or wondered what's the best way to gobble down sushi? Lisa Cam consults some of Hong Kong's most knowledgeable chefs to learn the straightforward way to eat things… Illustration by Jessica Li

How to eat Mille-feuille

You might be tempted to hack away at the cake from the top, but this destroys the structure of the entire dessert.

Assistant pastry chef Gaël Moutet of the Ritz-Carlton says…

1. Don't break the pastry from the top


2. Tip the dessert on its side.


3. Using a serrated knife, cut in the direction perpendicular to the pastry.


How to eat Crab

Not even sure where to begin with the spindly crustacean and tend to avoid it at all costs? Mark Kerkstra, Holy Crab's chef, says it's actually not that hard…

1. First remove all the appendages.

How to eat crab the correct way

2. Use the shell cracker to separate the claws from the joints.

How to eat crab the correct way

3. Cut lengthways up the leg.

How to eat crab the correct way

4. Use a spoon to open the crab along its abdomen.

How to eat crab the correct way

5. Enjoy the meat and fat with a spoon.

How to eat crab the correct way


How to eat Xiao long bao

You're in for some serious soft tissue damage if you throw these boiling hot babies straight into your mouth. There's more than one way to avoid this.

Xiao long bao

Head chef of Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, Wong Yuet-ming says…
Place the xiao long bao on a spoonand bite off the top. Then place some vinegar soaked ginger on top and enjoy!

Xia Fei Society's 'Queen of Dim Sum' Ge Xian E. also says…
Place the dumpling on the spoon, bite a hole on the side then slurp the soup.
Now you can enjoy the dim sum, no muss no fuss!

How to eat Curry

We all know that lots of Indians eat curry with their hands, but how is it done correctly? Sam Shihabdeen, owner of Woodlands, tells us how it's done…

1. Only use your right hand.

How to eat curry the correct way

2. Scoop the rice up in the shape of a ball in with circular motion.

How to eat curry the correct way

3. Your index, middle and ring finger should be holding the rice at the fingertips in a U shape. Then push the rice in your mouth with your thumb.

How to eat curry the correct way


How to eat Sushi

Ever had your sushi fall apart in the sauce and wondered how Japanese folk keep it all together? Chef Fujikawa Tsutomu from Sushi Ta-ke tells us the proper way to garnish your sushi…

1. Never put wasabi in the soya sauce.

How to eat sushi the correct way

2. The radish should be smeared directly on to the fish instead.

How to eat sushi the correct way

3. Roll it on its side, then dip in the sauce.

How to eat sushi the correct way


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