The Night Market


If LKF or Knutsford Terrace is too popular and you’re seeking somehwere more obscure to get sozzled, you could do worse than The Night Market. Not to be confused with the well-heeled Taiwanese eatery, this watering hole is accessed via Gum Gum Gum in Causeway Bay’s Fashion Walk. As we wander through the apparel store among phone covers and anatomically accurate heart candles, we begin to doubt whether we have the right address. In the end, we find the bar at the back with empty oil drums for tables and plenty of beer.

The formula is simple: for just $120 you get two-and-a-half-hours all-you-can-drink beer. With Samuel Adams and Mac’s Great White on tap in addition to bottles of Singha, Asahi and Tsing Tao, this is slightly more fancy than the typical Carlsburg or Heineken offers available on nearby Tang Lung Street.

We start off with a round of Great Whites which are served in plastic cups marked with the start and end time of our binge. As we order the next round, switching to Samuel Adams, we’re taken aback by the fact that the staff mix brews by pouring our fresh suds straight into the old cup. Some may cringe at this, but given this is an all-you-can-drink establishment, we forgive the trespass. In fact, the biggest drawback of The Night Market is the music. Although there are a few great tunes on the playlist, they’re played on repeat to the point they become tedious and annoying.

Despite the lack of variety in music, the sociable atmosphere, reasonable pricing and decent array of beers makes The Night Market an ideal place to start your evening. Krshna Moriani

The Night Market 8-10 Cleveland St (inside Gum Gum Gum), Causeway Bay, 3486 7070.


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