In just a few short years, the craft brewing scene in Hong Kong has developed leaps and bounds, with the average pub-goer swapping convenience store suds for the likes of Young Master, Gwei.lo, Mak’s and other local craft concoctions. With a market of Hongkongers thirsty for artisanal micro brews, UK craft beer brand Brewdog arrives in Central looking to sink its teeth into this lucrative market. 

The brand brings with it a slew of award-winning lagers and ales, all brewed – as evidenced by the fermenting jugs of malty magic sitting behind the counter – on-site. Bottles of all their beers are available, but we decide to order from Brewdog’s more limited draught selection and go for the Punk IPA ($85). Described as having a ‘fruity bite’, what we get is the equivalent of tropical Copacabana Beach on our palate. Next up, we try one of Brewdog's more seasonal offerings, the Candy Kaiser ($72). An amber altbier that fills the mouth with a caramel and toffee flavour combined with a steely bitterness, the Kaiser throttles our taste buds and warms us up on this chilly night.

Seeking sustenance, we order a bucket of fries ($68), which come served with a hop-infused malt vinegar, just in case you weren’t sure whether you were in a craft beer bar or not. The concoction comes in a handy spray bottle and, while delicious, we can’t shake the notion we’re squirting hand sanitiser over our chips.

With 33 bars in the UK already, it can be hard to see past the feeling that Brewdog is just another big brewery looking to cash in on an expanding trend. But bars around Hong Kong have been stocking bottled versions of Brewdog’s beers for some time, such is the the quality of the product. Now the genuine article is here and it couldn’t be a more welcome addition to the burgeoning craft beer ecosystem. Judd Boaz

Brewdog 19 Hollywood Rd, Central, 2219 9905;


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