With a cartoon icon of some ribs as signage, there’re no prizes for guessing what new Kennedy Town eatery The Ribcage specialises in. Claiming Kansas-style heritage, the beef and pork ribs here are smoked in hickory and applewood and are some of the best ribs this city has yet seen.

Which is lucky, since there isn’t much else apart from the ribs on the menu – beef fat fries ($38) and coleslaw ($28) make up the appropriate selection of sides. Without a second thought we select a full portion of USA baby back pork ribs ($248) with some coleslaw and fries on the side. The pork is succulent and falls of the bone. Sign of a good ol’ Kansas barbecue, the smokiness permeates deep into the meat and the sauce is lightly layered on top, though there is extra on the side for those who desiring additional tang. Slaw can get excessively creamy with too much dressing, but that’s avoided at The Ribcage, where extra touches of beetroot and nashi pear add to the slaw’s bite. Crunchy, light and refreshing, the salad is a palate cleanser designed to keep your carnivorous cravings going. We did hunger for some carbs, which are basically all the fries are good for; though we do overhear they have a synergy with the beef ribs also on the menu. After our experience with the pork, that’s something we’re keen to come back and try.
This new addition certainly plants a flag for ribs in our town, and anyone hankering for a taste of the American South should head west to K-Town. Lisa Cam

Ribcage Shop J, G/F, May Sun Bldg, 1 Smithfield, Kennedy Town, 3956 4213; fb.com/theribcagehk. Dinner for two $350.


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