Hong Kong’s best Caesar salad


Invented during the July 4 rush in 1924 by Caesar Cardini when his restaurant – in Mexico, contrary to popular myth – ran out of supplies, the Caesar salad is a celebrated dish. Fortunately, Hong Kong’s ingredients, these days, are in ample supply. Holly Graham munches on the best creations in the city. All hail Caesar…

Brunch Club
Obviously, it’s all about the brunch at Brunch Club’s two quaint eateries in Causeway Bay and Central. And these places serve up one of the best Caesar salads in town for just such a mid-morning chow-down. It’s crammed with bacon bits and super-crunchy croutons and there’s a done-to-a-tee poached egg that sits on top of the grand romaine lettuce-packed ensemble. And if you need more meat? Just add some grilled chicken, smoked salmon or Parma ham for a few extra dollars. From $85. Various locations inc 1/F, 13 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay, 2890 2125; brunch-club.org.

Bread Street Kitchen
The legendary chef and king of cussin’ Gordon Ramsay boasts one of Hong Kong’s best Caesar salads at his Bread Street Kitchen venue in Central. The protein-packed salad here is topped with chicken, pancetta, anchovies, a soft boiled egg and aged parmesan for a filling, refreshing and crunchy meal. This is one salad that won’t leave you hungry. $148. M/F, LKF Hotel,
33 Wyndham St, Central, 2230 1800; diningconcepts.com.

Passion by Gérard Dubois
Swiss-born pastry chef Dubois’ traditional French cafés across Hong Kong have become lunchtime favourites for hungry diners. Passion’s range of artisanal breads, pastries and sweets like the mille-feuille with vanilla and salted caramel cream are to die for, but it’s not all about the calorific treats. It’s about the Caesars too, which come in several varieties. Apart from the classic, there’s also one with chicken tandoori, one with French ham and one with salmon. We recommend the salmon as the smoky fish beautifully balances the superbly creamy Caesar dressing. From $41. Various locations inc G11, G12 & F12A, Lee Tung Ave, 200 Queen’s Rd E, Wan Chai, 2833 6778; passionbygd.com.

Stone Nullah Tavern
The ‘Tav’s Caesar is far from your classic ‘healthy’ salad, but who cares? That’s what makes it one of the best. Absolutely smothered in a creamy anchovy vinaigrette and garlic, the lettuce leaves are covered with a snowfall of parmesan alongside chunky herb croutons that pack a crunchy, flavoursome punch. Add on Korean barbecued chicken, bacon or buffalo oysters to jazz up your salad and make it even more indulgent. From $128. 69 Stone Nullah Ln, Wan Chai; 3182 0128; stonenullahtavern.com.

Shelter Lounge
The cosy mod-60s-meets-colonial farmhouse surrounds inside Shelter Lounge make it the kind of place to hunker down in for the long run. And the menu of solid dishes with innovative tweaks make it a winner too. If you’re hankering for a superfood Caesar, then look no further than the kale version with pancetta and parmigiano reggiano. Swapping traditional romaine for kale is a master stroke. The texture is a little tougher but the flavour is stronger and you get that satisfying ‘I’m eating something tasty and healthy’ feeling. From $98. Shop A, G/F & 1/F, Universal Bldg, 5-13 New St, Sheung Wan, 2517 6211; shelterlounge.com.hk.

If you’re looking for a Caesar salad with a super-cool Asian twist, then look no further than hipper-than-thou izakaya-style chicken specialist Yardbird. The no-reservations policy here causes constant queues outside the restaurant but it’s well worth the wait. The Yardbird Caesar is an umami bomb of shredded lettuce, cucumber, miso, thin ribbons of dried seaweed and crispy anchovies. It’s as refreshing as it is packed with strong Asian flavours. Couple this with some Korean fried cauliflower and skewers that feature every part of a chicken imaginable. $120.
33-35 Bridges St, Sheung Wan, 2547 9273; yardbirdrestaurant.com.


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