Seven fun and practical cases for your iPhone 6/ 6S


With the recent release of the newest iPhone, Sidney Chan choses some fun and practical cases to accessorise your 6 and 6S

InnerExile Hydra Self-Healing Case
Your phone is a beautifully crafted piece of engineering, so why mask the sleek aesthetic of it? The Hydra case looks to protect your phone without getting in the way of the phone’s original form. The case is also made from a nifty, special plastic that self-heals like a regenerating reptile. So basically, your phone and case are going to look brand spanking new for a long time to come. The self-healing effect works for light scratches, but to be more specific, the case can withstand 300g of pressure from a bronze brush. $201. Available at

Otterbox MySymmetry Series
Admittedly, we’re not as careful with our phones as we should be. In a recent survey conducted by Otterbox, 20 percent of new phones in HK are damaged within the first year. We’d be suspicious of a survey about how much Hongkongers damage their phones organised by a maker of robust phone cases, were it not for the fact we’re among the one in 10 who has dropped their phone down the toilet. A victim of firsthand carelessness, protection is essential to endure the accidental drops and other physical abuse Hongkongers inflict on their mobile hardware. Otterbox may not sell the most fashionable cases on the market, but their MySymmetry Series aims to smash expectations with tasteful, swappable design inserts while retaining that renowned sturdiness. $268, available at Qips Shop, 2002-2003, 2/F, Miramar Shopping Ctr, 118 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2317 6855;

Mikol Nero Marquina
Marble has always exemplified class, respect, and luxury. Now, more than ever, it has made a major comeback in fashion and fashion accessories, including the Nero Marquina iPhone 6/6s case. This unique cover is actually made from 100 percent natural marble and it is a set with a black or white border to ensure maximum protection with a sleek modern style. What’s more, no two cases can be identical due to the different cuts from marble. And if you want to make your case truly special, Mikol offers engravings. $767; exclusively online at

Mophie Juice Pack H2PRO
There are few cases that actually make your phone better, but the H2PRO is one of them. Designed to both increase your battery life (more than 100 percent) and provide military standards of protection, you can feel safe bringing your phone on long-haul trips to the beach, without fearing that it’ll die on you or end up becoming a victim of sand or sea. $1,040. Available at Lane Crawford, 1/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay, 2118 2288;

Blitz x My Melody & Little Twin Stars
It the 40th anniversary of two of Sanrio’s most popular characters, My Melody and Little Twin Stars. To celebrate the occasion, Blitz has released two special, limited crossover cases for the iPhone 6 that are only available until the end of September – so grab them while you can! The My Melody case pays homage to the 80s with a trippy liquid art back, and the Little Twin Stars is decorated in cute, adorable sparkling fashion. $285, available at Lane Crawford, 3/F, IFC Mall, 8 Finance St, Central, 2118 2288;

Sure, there are tons of cases for different needs, but with everyone using the same phone you’re likely to see the same designs over and over again. That’s a problem no longer, thanks to Casetify. Express yourself with their customised cases to ensure that your unique style shines through. Not the creative type? Casetify has you covered with numerous templates, layout styles and their artist collection, so you can be sure to get the perfect individual design. From $320. Available at


Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case
Smartphones are everything we want within the palm of our hands, but what happens when our hands get tired and we still need to check our Instagram? This so-called ‘anti-gravity’ case ensures that you can use your phone anywhere, hands-free as long as you have a smooth, flat surface. Thanks to its millions of mini suction cups, the case can grip walls without feeling sticky.  So, not only does it protect your phone, but it’s a case that even Spider Man would be impressed with. $310. Available at


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