Style Tips with Emily Cheng: Hip haute


The viral success of Drake’s Hotline Bling has brought hip-hop even more into the spotlight, but not in the way you’d expect. The Canadian rapper’s eccentric dance moves are getting trolled all around the world. The fashion and music industries have always had a symbiotic relationship. Music stars are some of the firsts to showcase high fashion designs on the red carpet, but the fashion world has also taken cues from numerous music scenes – think of the lasting influence of punk. But if you’re looking to add a little hip-hop and swag to your look beyond just Drake’s red puffer jackets and Timberlands (and rhythmically challenged dance moves), read on for tips to bring some bling to your everyday outfits…

Stylish sweats
Baggy sweatpants are a staple of hip-hop dancewear, but in recent years fashion has given them a sophisticated update by playing with textiles. The plain cotton low-crotch sweatpants of yesteryear have made way for the fashionable athlete look, wearing high-end materials from leather to cashmere. Break out a pair of leather joggers (worn by celebrities from Kanye to Rihanna) to give your skinny silhouettes a much-needed rest and your outfit a casual edge.

Cropped cool
If you lust after the styles of 90s female hip-hop stars, it’s time for your shirt hems to start rising. Super cropped tops àla Aaliyah give your ensemble a perfect mix of form-fitting and relaxed when paired with baggy denims and an oversized jacket. 

All about the kicks
Hip-hop today is all about flashy kicks, but sneaker freakers are no longer limited to just having the classic Js on their feet. With high fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Margiela and Lanvin adding their styles into the mix, as well as prominent designer collaborations such as Kanye’s Yeezy collections with Adidas and Nike, there’s no reason that your footwear choices can’t evoke hip-hop and avant-garde fashion at the same time. 

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