ifc mall presents ‘Grow and Glow - Christmas is Beautiful’


Marvel at the ifc’s majestic holiday display featuring seven incredible four-story tall Christmas trees suspended in midair

When it comes to grand, Instagram-worthy Christmas displays, the ifc has no rivals. Every festive season the mall makes a commitment to outdo itself, better previous years’ efforts and dazzle shoppers with more than just a luxurious retail experience.

This year is no exception. On display at the Oval Atrium from now until January 3 is a a visual feast for the eyes by famed architect Erik Amir of Spatial Practice (who previously worked with Michael Arad on the World Trade Center Memorial for victims of 9/11) , which features seven illuminated four-storey tall Christmas trees, suspended above the ground. Best of all, when music is playing, the trees dance to the rhythm like a ballerina in a music box.

It’s truly magical to marvel at, and onlookers are going to have heaps of fun taking selfies and pictures together with family and friends. Every vantage point of the installation offers a new visual experience, so take some top-to-bottom shots from a platform or stand on the gorgeous handwoven carpets beneath the trees for a bottom-up shot.

For added convenience, the ifc has set up a special high-altitude camera, hovering above the trees, that you can access with a QR code located next to the central display. Once you’ve taken your photo, there are customised filters you can choose from that coincide with the art installation. After you’ve added the finishing touches to your image, download the photo and share it on social media! Use the hashtags #ifcglowingtrees and #hkifcmall and you can head over to the print counter for a physical copy of your picture to take home with you as an extra special Christmas souvenir. How fun is that? A Santa Claus sack full of fun is what that is!

The Christmas trees, however, are just part of the whole ifc holiday experience. The Spatial Practice team has set up installations around the entire mall to create a true, all-encompassing Winter Wonderland. We might not get snow and Christmas cabins in Hong Kong, but the ifc’s ‘Grow and Glow – Christmas is Beautiful’ art experience won’t make us miss those things one bit.


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ifc mall presents ‘Grow and Glow – Christmas is BeautifulUntil Sun Jan 3, Oval Atrium, ifc mall; ifc.com.hk/xmas2015.



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