Pamper Yourself: Cut and style at Fox and The Barber


Men are hesitant creatures when it comes to grooming – any establishment that looks like an emasculating prospect is highly feared. So when it comes to hair, approachability is of upmost importance, and that’s exactly what you get at Fox and The Barber. This neighbourhood barbershop offers a safe haven for men looking for a straightforward clean shave ($260-$720) and classic cut ($260-$560) with top of the line products like Penhaligon’s and Truefitt & Hill. We step in for a style and cut (unfortunately we haven’t grown any facial hair to try the shave) and take in the ambience that blends old school British charm with modern industrial chic design. Our exceptionally skilled stylist, Alf, begins the experience with a no fuss, no muss forward-facing hair wash. Alf, aka ‘beard guru’, is focused and precise with his clipper and shears. We feel like living dangerously and opt for a skin fade that utilises a foil clipper and a straight razor blade for the final details, which leaves your skin smooth and provides a more striking contrast between your hair up top and along your sides. We look good, formidable, confident and we’re not sure we can go without a skin fade ever again. The traditional barbershop trend is continuing to gain traction in Hong Kong, and men across the city should be thankful they have a new place where they can relax, drink a cup of coffee and walk out looking all boss.

Fox and The Barber, 41-43 Graham St, Central, 2405 6880;


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