The newest sex toys available right now in Hong Kong


The Time Out staff get hands-on with eight of the newest sex toys available. Art direction by Phoebe Cheng. Photography by Calvin Sit

A recent survey by sex toy manufactuer Smile Makers shows that 47 percent of women HK are sexually dissatisfied – largely because their partners are well… dicks. Obviously, it’s time to take matters into your own hands – with sex toys. So, as public service, Time Out staff have taken on the burden of seeing which toys provide the most pleasure for men and women.

1. Aneros Progasm Ice Stimulator (For men)

Aneros Vice Vibrating Male G-Spot Stimulator

Feeling up your prostate is a good thing, what with all the health benefits – not to mention the possibility of multiple orgasms. So, no reason not to stick one of these guys up your butt!

We begin our anal experience with the Progasm Ice ($720). Before we insert it, we do a quick douche, to prevent a mess and apply a bit of Boy Butter ($128) lube to the massager.

A deep breath and we slowly stick it all the way in. To our surprise it’s quite comfortable and the head of the massager puts just the right amount of pressure on the prostate for a pleasurable feeling that causes an involuntary erection. It felt so natural having something up the butt.

Before cumming we decide to see how the Vice Vibrating stimulator ($1,680) stacks up. Turns out, for double the price it’s only marginally better than the Ice, since its vibrating function lacks greater intensity.

After 15 minutes of play, we go back to the Ice for a final climax that’s far superior than a regular jerk job. The difference is cumming like a hydrant rather than a spout.

Available at Wanta, 56 Lyndhurst Tce, Central, 2618 1605;

2. L’Amourose Paramour Pleasure Partner Set (For men and women)

Paramour Pleasure Partner Set

The L’Amourose Paramour set includes one egg-shaped vibrating bullet that can be placed in three different moulds, which come named. We try out Lana, a U-shaped apparatus that is used in conjunction with your partner’s cock.
 We begin solo, but after 10 minutes of almost feeling something, we seek some dick. At first it was interesting when our rhythm was slow, but the device gets in the way once things become wilder. Eventually we dump Lana and have regular sex.

$1,678. Available at Wanta, 56 Lyndhurst Tce, Central, 2618 1605;

3. Smile Makers series (For women)

SMile Makers

The Tennis Coach
The Tennis Coach was so disappointing, conjuring memories of that first awkward and often dissatisfying fuck. Though pleasantly curvy in design, it looked too much like a Keith Haring character minus the limbs. It’s touted as being a toy for ‘vibrator-curious women’, but this rough encounter pulled awkwardly at our skin and only induced a semi orgasm.

The Fireman
This one comes shaped like a flame, but is distressingly reminiscent of a squid’s tentacle with a protruding bump on its facade. We press the bump to our clit and explore our love canal with the narrowed tip. The double sensation is pleasurable as long as you get the right angle. Although it’s not as fleshy and supple as a real tongue, The Fireman makes up for it by having a vibrating ‘nose’ – something that really makes the sensation more intense. Let’s just say our experience was a heated one and the Fireman only served to rouse our flames.

The Frenchman
Described as ‘a cunning linguist’ (pause for a chuckle), it took us a while to decipher the best angle to insert this flappy baguette. Though it doesn’t come with the warmth and wetness that a good oral session usually brings, it brought us to orgasm fairly quickly. The intensity was less than the real deal, but it still delivered waves of pleasure that lasted a few frantic seconds and got the job done. Our only issue with this vibrator is it takes a bit more wrist action and effort than expected, ejaculating us from our fantasy that we’re actually getting service from a skilled Frenchman.

$349. Available at Watsons citywide inc Shop G1-A, G/F, Melbourne Plaza, 33 Queen’s Rd C, Central, 3169 3333;

4. Maro Kawaii 5 (For women)

Mario Kawaii 5

The Maro Kawaii 5 has a small shaft that rotates firmly at the end for some good old-fashioned G spot action and a vibrating wedge especially for external fun – both have eight speeds. Therein lies the first issue – with only one button to press in order to cycle through them all, the process of getting to the desired setting is like surfing the TV menu for Babestation and ending up stuck on the shopping channel.

The last setting is the strongest but has an annoying graduating pattern, meaning it stops and slows down just as it gets going. A bit like an ex of ours... We may have been wet, but we conclude the moisture came from vaginal tears of frustration.

$420, Available at Wanta, 56 Lyndhurst Tce, Central, 2618 1605;

5. IMToy Candy (For women)

Pleasure N/A
Design 4
Approachableness 3

The IMtoy Candy, is an little innocuous pink ball that primarily designed to help you focus on your cervical squeezing and tighten your hoo-ha post postpartum. Linked to your phone via Bluetooth, an app controls the vibrations of the Imtoy. It comes in a nifty cylindrical container that houses a UV lamp to kill bacteria after use as well. And for an extra added convenience the Candy charges in the cylinder, without the need for cumbersome wires.

We insert the vibrating ball into our vagina and it helps us monitor when to relax and contract our muscles. It doesn’t give us much pleasure, but the objective of the toy is mainly to help our vagina become stronger and tighter over time. We feel the Candy is a long-term investment with the delayed gratification that comes when your partner tells you he can feel the difference, or when we don’t have the subconscious fear of wetting our pants the next time we sneeze.

$1,880, available Sally Coco Central, 302, 3/F, Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane St, Central, 2110 0205;


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