Q&A: Kim Ko of Eau de Toilette


Dorothy Hou talks to the Hong Kong-bred local designer being inspired by the NBA and Linsanity

Coming from a retail background, designer Kim Ko is well aware of a Hongkonger’s mentality and expectations when it comes to shopping. “They want items that are of high quality but also reasonably priced,” explains Ko. “They want products that are stylish, but not too edgy. They want pieces from reputable brands that also show character. It’s technically impossible, but we’re here to make it possible.” 

Unlike your everyday mainstream retail brands, Ko pays the utmost attention when sourcing the finest quality fabrics from local markets and all over the world. Despite starting as a local contemporary clothing label, Eau de Toilette attempts to refute the notion that local brands are inferior in quality. By adopting luxury fabrics and focusing on presenting originality and uniqueness, Ko hopes to present pieces that are just as well made and stylish as those from luxury brands.

Ko’s collection is also very much a reflection of her interests and personal experiences. She hopes to show respect to how athletes persist and overcome obstacles. This year’s spring/summer collection made nods to her passion for sports and takes inspiration from the NBA documentary, Linsanity, about famous American Chinese basketball player Jeremy Lin. Her collection is best characterised by subtle sports-inspired features, focusing on comfortable, lightweight natural fabrics, detailed with hand-stitched patterns and sequins.

Ko is ambitious if she wants to change the mind-set of the average Hong Kong shopper, but you don’t become an MVP like Jordan or LeBron without aiming for the stars. 

Eau de Toilette Available at various locations inc Novelty Lane 2/F, 104-106 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, fb.com/eaudet.70.toilette.


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