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Jewellery designer Sarah Ho is celebrating her 10th anniversary in the business and it could be strongly suggested that her success has little or nothing to do with her famous family name. One might expect that it would be simple for the granddaughter of casino tycoon Stanley Ho to start up her own business anywhere in the world. This, however, has not been not the case for the heiress, who moved to London at an early age to pursue her dream. “I made a conscious decision,” says the entrepreneur. “I wanted to make sure that I’m doing something off the back of my own skills.”

Sarah Ho is the daughter of Robert Ho, the eldest son of Stanley Ho and his first wife, Clementia. Sadly, though, Sarah Ho’s parents were tragically killed in a car accident before she was raised by other family members in Macau. So, it’s been a life away from the public gaze, on the whole, leading to the move to London and the launch of her own jewellery business. After Ho got married, she says, she moved into a one-bedroomed apartment with her husband. She turned the room into her office and the couple slept on a rolled-out sofa. “My poor husband,” she says with a smile. “It’s been a long battle – but I’m glad I did it this way or I would have always doubted myself.”

Ho now works out of her studio in Hatton Garden – London’s jewellery-making quarters – and is gaining some serious traction, winning awards and making bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces for A-class actresses like Carina Lau. She’s also about to open up her first flagship store in London and she’s making plans to expand her market presence in Asia. Her style and design sensibilities can be described as feminine and elegant, with an emphasis on using fine lines and lace. Her most iconic piece is probably her Paradis earrings, which looks something like an opulent dream-weaver, with jewelled feather embellishments. “This piece was a huge milestone,” she says. “It really marked the point when I felt like I became a designer.”

Ho has a sophisticated eye for mature couture pieces, ranging from $100,000, all the way to $8m. But her latest ready-to-wear Numerati 18K carat gold collection is more conceptual and affordable than before, starting at $16,000. The collection took two years to develop and its minimalist and clean-line aesthetic is a new and refreshing change for the designer. “It’s very easy to design for yourself,” she says, “but you have to always remember you have a customer as well. But don’t lose your identity.” This is a mantra that we’re sure she’s determined to hold on to during her jewellery-making journey.

Sarah Ho Available online at shojewellery.com.


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