Style Tips with Emily Cheng: Gender bending


Androgyny has been gaining traction over the past few years but, in 2016, the fashion industry may be breaking gender norms altogether. Last week, Louis Vuitton unveiled its womenswear campaign, featuring actor and rapper Jaden Smith – Will Smith’s son – wearing a pleated skirt among a slew of female models. In this era, seeing a man in women’s clothing just doesn’t have the surprise or shock value that it used to (ironically menswear was actually more liberal in times gone by across the world) – what with the rising popularity of trans-models such as Andrej Pejic and Lea T in the fashion industry and the exponential growth of gender-neutral dressing. But when industry bastion Louis Vuitton is embracing the transition, it’s a clear sign that times are a-changin’. Read on for tips on how to master gender fluidity in your everyday look...

Lacy love affair
This season, brands such as Burberry Prorsum and Gucci have been spicing up their menswear staples with more adventurous textiles, crafting the basic dress shirt from feminine, fine lace. While a full lace shirt may prove to be a tad too dandy for the office, consider wearing a basic shirt accented with mesh cutouts or a lace tie for a more delicate approach to workwear.

Blazers in bloom
Dandy gentlemen have had a flamboyant approach to suiting up since the 19th century but employing sumptuous fabrics and elaborate patterns into the everyday two-piece is now fair game for all men. This season, menswear brands from Hermès to Dolce & Gabbana have experimented with brightly coloured botanical prints with their suits. It’s worth investing in a statement floral blazer to add a hint of spring to your cubicle. 

The higher the heel...
Who said heels are only for women? This year, fancy footwear has been on the rise for men, with the Cuban heel making an appearance on the Saint Laurent runway and surprisingly also on the shoes of US Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. Don a pair of these elevated shoes not only for the extra height but also for the flair. Decadence should not stop at the ankle.

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