Style Tips with Emily Cheng: The Hollywood effect


Cinema has always been heavily influenced by the world of fashion. Think of the designer-laden wardrobes of The Devil Wears Prada with its thigh high Chanel boots, ballerina skirts and the occasional flamboyant orange poncho. Further back in Hollywood history, one can see the ubiquitous presence of Givenchy in the films of Audrey Hepburn, including the iconic little black dress the actress wears in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Yet this year, the influential relationship between fashion and film became bidirectional. This month, the cast of the satirical film Zoolander 2, featuring Ben Stiller and Penelope Cruz, landed on the cover of Vogue, poking fun at the fashion industry from within the pages of the industry’s own bible. Here’s a look at other iconic films that have inspired the fashion world in the past. Read on for tips on how to look like you just stepped off the set…

Annie Hall
No other film has influenced female androgynous style more so than Woody Allen’s iconic romantic comedy Annie Hall, starring Diane Keaton in slouchy khakis, crisp white shirts, waistcoats and the occasional fedora. Chanel has embraced the Annie Hall aesthetic this season, suiting up its girls in sharply-cut blazers, button-down shirts and stiff bow ties. Get the tomboy look by simply raiding your man’s closet for his boyfriend shirt, tie and waistcoat.

The Great Gatsby
The 1920s is an époque that the fashion industry loves to look back to, with its hedonistic glamour, and Prohibition-era sense of forbidden pleasure and excess. Marchesa heavily references the iconic 20s book and film every season, creating dresses inundated with feathers, intricate beading and fringe trailing the runway. Add a hint of Gatsby glamour to your style with an embellished statement piece, whether that’s a fringed skirt or dangling chandelier earrings, and you’ll look like you stepped back in time in no time.

Moonrise Kingdom
Wes Anderson’s films have always tempted imitation from the fashion world, with their soft pastel hues and eclectic mix of vintage pieces that evoke a nostalgia for time gone by. Moonrise Kingdom was no exception, with protagonist Suzy Bishop dressed in 60s-style mod dresses that gave a retro spin to fussy schoolgirl uniforms. We aren’t the only ones infatuated with Wes Anderson’s style – this season Gucci paid homage to the director’s quirky wardrobes in a collection that looked like it had been assembled from a charity store raid, mixing vintage furs, patterned suits and blouses laden with bows. Don a pussy bow blouse and a classic midi skirt to achieve that feminine yet nostalgic Anderson look.

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