Talking Shop: Kiwib Wong and David Cheng of Shigo


Local designers Kiwib Wong and David Cheng talk to Kaitlin McPhee about their 3D-printed textile brand, Shigo

It’s 2016 and the future is here – clothes made by 3D printers, not a seamstresses or tailor in sight. After graduating with a fashion design degree at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, local designers Kiwib Wong and David Cheng founded Shigo, their 3D-printed textile brand, in 2014. “We saw an advertisement on the news for 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D-printing pen, and saw how they made paintings, accessories and hats,” recalls Cheng. “We decided we wanted to collaborate with 3Doodler and create an entire dress, which had never been done before, and they sponsored us the tools.” 

Their imaginative initiative resulted in the first-ever 3D pen-printed dress, which gained exposure worldwide and provided the impetus for the duo to start their own brand. 

They were invited to showcase their 16-piece collection (eight men’s, eight women’s) in October 2015 at LA Fashion Week, a prestigious event showcasing more than 40 celebrated designers from around the world. That collection, Over Population, was inspired by the busy urban lifestyle of Hong Kong, which translated into digital graphic printing, laser cutting and heat-pressed designs. “We didn’t make an ‘entire’ dress or garment using the 3D pen for that collection because we received feedback that the material was too hard and uncomfortable,” Wong says. “We used an actual 3D printer instead, which gives a more refined finish and it’s less time consuming without having to hand draw all the little pieces and designs.” 

The Shigo brand is all about taking risks and experimenting with modern tools. It’s a proud day to see emerging talent with such a spark for innovation in HK’s local design scene. “We looked at the market and saw something like this was missing. We want to reach people who aren’t afraid of trying new things, away from fast fashion.”

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