The Naked Magicians

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Sep 15-Sep 20

Sell-out comedian-magician duo Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne don’t want to be pigeonholed as a ‘mature’ act, they’re on a mission to attract a diverse audience. Having completed more than 150 hugely successful theatre shows in their first 18 months, The Naked Magicians appear to have found the formula already – comedy, magic and skin, all mixed in a perfect balance and given 12 months thorough testing. 

“We’re not in the business of making a ‘good magic show’. We’re in the business of creating a high-energy experience for our audiences by combining amazing magic, non-stop laughs and some very cheeky nudity,” says Tyler. “Anyone can learn a magic trick. The most important thing is entertaining,” adds Wayne. 

While magic remains a strong element of their signature show, humour is a more distinctive feature that perhaps finds its roots in the performer’s early personal history. “I was a prefect at school… but wasn’t one of the ‘cool kids’. I discovered one day that if I could make girls laugh first, I would have their attention. So that’s what I did,” recalls Wayne. Chuckling at the duo’s many YouTube performances, it’s hard to imagine the once solemn teenager Wayne once claims to have been. Yet by the time the duo finally embarked on a full-time career in magic, it was only natural for the twosome that humour became a large part of their performance. 

With the show touring Asia for the first time, the Australian pair’s act is set to endure a new test, as humour is frequently culturally specific. Nothing quite matches the embarrassment of delivering a punch line to the sound of utter silence. However, the duo come armed with the third weapon in their arsenal – full frontal nudity. 

“You know what is the one thing that unifies us as humans? Sex. Sexuality. Our show is a celebration of that. Every single person has that jar of naughty inside of them, and our show brings that jar to the surface, takes off the lid and shakes it up,” claims Wayne. Not missing a beat, Tyler chips in, “Our show celebrates sexuality. Audience will leave with a sore mouth… from laughing!”

With that all said, it’s perhaps not a coincidence that the duo compares being in the entertainment business to being in love with a sexual partner – high-risk, time-consuming, rewarding, addictive and always changing. “Being a magician takes a dedication that I cannot put in to words. I have a saying, ‘Show business is like the ultimate jealous girlfriend’. She is great to have, but if you don’t give her all of your attention she will leave you for someone else,” concludes Wayne. 

And what is on the check-list of a jealous girlfriend? Good physique is the safe answer.

Performing naked puts constant pressure on the magicians to maintain their fitness regime. Tyler, a former swimmer, still maintains a strict habit of cardio exercises, while Wayne ‘s regime includes 80 percent diet and 20 percent cardio (unconfirmed though since he makes sure he ‘never takes a gym selfie’). 

Most importantly, the duo makes sure they try to ‘keep their bits away from all kinds of dangerous places, as they are their most valuable asset’ for creating the perfect orgy of magic, comedy
and nudity.

The Naked Magicians Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Sep 15-20. Tickets: $395-$595;


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