Have a wizard time at Studio City Macau's The House of Magic


Magic and intrigue abound at a new attraction in our sister SAR. Welcome to Studio City Macau’s The House of Magic, the brainchild of legendary master illusionist Franz Harary

If you’ve any interest in magic, it’s likely you’ve heard of Franz Harary. The internationally acclaimed magician and inventor from America is cherished by fans of illusion across the globe. He seems to possess a piercing mind that can conjure and create the sort of breathtaking tricks that few others can match. He’s made a space shuttle vanish. He made the late, great Michael Jackson levitate. In fact, he’s designed illusions for tons of top stars, like Madonna and Janet Jackson. In short, Harary is a magical man – and now you can see his greatest achievement yet at Studio City Macau.

The House of Magic by Franz Harary has just opened its doors in Studio City Macau, the latest gem to adorn the glitzy Cotai strip in our sister SAR. It’s a crazy culmination of the magic man’s 30 years of experience. A luxurious temple, in fact, that’s dedicated to illusion and intrigue. Costing some $40 million, the new attraction has four areas – The Illusion Laboratory, Mega Magic Theatre, Majestic Theatre and Lair Theatre. Every inch of the complex is filled with the most awe-inspiring details, psychedelic lighting and mad mechanics.

Travis Winkler

The first room the audience enters is The Illusion Laboratory. Initially designed as a waiting area, the walls and ceiling are covered in dizzying puzzles, optical illusions and snippets of information, giving us a glimpse into the history of the world of magic. This is the first peek inside Harary’s whimsical world, where audience members are introduced to spectacular sleight-of-hand tricks by charismatic magician Travis Winkler, who stands out with his wacky top hat, flying goggles and a three-piece suit. “I strive for two things, really – joy and astonishment,” says the talented Winkler. “I want the participants to have fun and be utterly amazed by the seemingly impossible.”

Kyle Knight & Mistie

Members of the audience are then divided into two groups, one of which is led through to the medieval-themed Lair Theatre, and the other to the art nouveau Majestic Theatre. Inside each theatre are magicians who perform from all over the world. In total there are 11 award-winning performers – including the main man himself – working in rotation at The House of Magic. Each one has a unique trick up their sleeve. There’s Danny Cole, whose signature routine is the invisible chair. And then there’s Portuguese star Luis de Matos, who can make fish appear from out of nowhere. Also enjoy Kyle Knight & Mistie, a duo that has been performing together for the past 13 years and a duo that never fails to leave the audience mesmerised.

Danny Cole

Intimacy is a significant aspect indeed at The House of Magic. The magnificent theatres seat only 150 people each, so the audience is always close to the action, which makes each trick all the more impressive. As Kyle Knight says: “One thing that we try to do in all of our performances is let the audience get up close and involved in the show. We believe that magic can be so much stronger when it’s right in front of your eyes – even in your hands.” Director of Magic and Illusion Arts at The House of Magic, Steve Valenti, agrees with Knight – but he does concede that it’s always a challenge for the magician to work so close to the crowd. “The most difficult part,” he says, “is making sure that the audience sees what you want it to see but doesn’t see what you don’t want it to see!”

After the first full show, the audiences then swap theatres for a second round of awe-inspiring tricks. And, for the ultimate finale, everyone reconvenes in the 300-seat Mega Magic Theatre, where Harary unveils his best stunts backed by a number of movable LED screens and some bombastic lighting effects. The show treats audience members to daredevil tricks, vanishing motorbikes and – of course – ladies sawn in half. Each second is arresting.

The House of Magic is, in short, a magical experience. Harary and his team have conjured up some incredible illusions, wicked wizardry and an atmosphere of awe and awesomeness. There’s nothing quite like this magic show in Macau and Hong Kong – so don’t chain yourself to the house over the coming weeks. Instead, head over to Studio City Macau and unlock the mysteries and the secrets at The House of Magic. Abracadabra!

The House of Magic
Level 2, Studio City Macau, Estrada Flor de Lotus, Cotai, Macau.
Tickets at $450 now at
studiocity-macau.com or call toll free 800 900783.


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