Dexter’s best kills


Who deserved Dexter’s knife the most? The Time Out team picks his most memorable murders ahead of the Season 8 premiere

Dexter Morgan’s been burdened with his ‘dark passenger’ (that little guy in the back of your head who says ‘wrap that guy in plastic and finish him!’) for several seasons now. But, for better or for worse, relief is on the way: Dexter, the long-running story of a Miami PD blood-spatter expert doing a whole lot of his own blood-spattering, meets its permanent end when the eighth season reaches its conclusion. Will Dexter ultimately get caught? Will he be murdered? Will John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer rise from the dead to return the show to its true glory days?

To celebrate the end of one of TV’s most comical and quirky takes on serial murder – though, to be fair, the competition was thin – we’re saying thanks for the memories and counting down Dexter’s top three kills. Starting with… 

3. Brian Moser – Season One

The victim: Moser (Christian Camargo) is many things: Dexter’s brother (though he blocked this out of his memory after the pair witnessed their birth-mother’s murder); Dexter’s potential brother-in-law (he’s engaged to Dex’s half-sister); and Dexter’s first-season nemesis (as the decapitation-happy Ice Truck Killer terrorising Miami). 

The method: Throat-slash (after much talk of ‘you’re just like me’ and ‘stop trying to suppress your inner kicker’). 

Karma-meter: Moser was a bad dude – but he had one helluva bad childhood story to potentially unspool on the witness stand. And there’s something about killing your brother in those tablety commandment things, right? No? Well, still… bit of a family no-no.  


2. Camilla Figg – Season Three

The victim: We’re big fans of Margo Martindale, one of those underrated I’ve-seen-her-in-something-before actresses who we first really noticed as the vile Disneyland-loving mum in Million Dollar Baby. Here she plays records-keeper Camilla Figg (initially seen in the first season), who’s known Dexter and his family since the killer was a kid, and who’s been happy to keep their secrets for
just as long.

The method: Poisoned key lime pie. 

Karma-meter: This was Dexter’s mercy-killing – Figg was dying of lung cancer and asked Dex to feed her the poisoned pie. No bad juju coming his way for this one. 


1. Arthur Mitchell – Season Four

The victim: Arthur Mitchell, aka the Trinity Killer, aka John
Lithgow in one of the great TV performances of our time. Mitchell is the happy Christian who proves that behind every (at least fictional) Habitat for Humanity-style
charity worker, family man and preacher lies a multi-method serial killer working his way through childhood issues one murder cycle at a time. 

The method: Sharp end of a hammer.

Karma-meter: Few killers were more deserving of Dexter’s wrath than Mitchell, and it was a great payoff for one of the most thrilling seasons of TV in yonks. But Dexter did hem and haw about killing Trinity too long – just long enough to give Trinity the chance to kill Dex’s wife. The Karma-meter would be more forgiving if he got the job done sooner. 

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