Hong Kong Young Writers Awards


Maintaining a tradition of nurturing and cultivating young writers and budding wordsmiths in the SAR, the Professional Publishing People’s fifth annual Hong Kong Young Writers Awards are upon us. The awards recognise and celebrate talented youngsters across a broad range of age groups and categories, and they are held for works in the English language only. Project manager of the awards, Keith Raymont, tells us the competition hopes to ‘bring the education, business and non-profit community of Hong Kong together to recognise 100 creative students for their excellence in writing and art’.

Over 100 schools from Hong Kong and mainland China have registered entrants, with competition categories including Primary, Secondary and Different Learning Abilities, as well as various groups covering Form 1 all the way to 16 year-olds. Awards for the competition include an overall winner across the whole spectrum, plus prizes within each individual category. All award-winning entries are published in a paperback anthology. More than 2,000 copies of the book will be made available at Bookazine, alongside an online version, and the winners are announced at a ceremony on April 23. 

This year’s topic is the Gobi Desert, which is the fifth largest desert in the world, spanning a huge area in the north and northwestern part of China and Southern Mongolia. No doubt such an esoteric topic will produce some wonderfully inventive writing (as long as no-one steals our idea: 50 Shades of Grain…), which will continue to solidify this competition’s status as an important facet within the education sector, perpetuating the notion that a really great and original story can be just as valuable as anything a Black Amex can buy.

Raymont highlights the opportunity of a youngster being presented with their own published work as a significant milestone in a young person’s life and, for everyone involved, [it] is a remarkable thing to be a part of’. Inspiring autonomous, creative thought and cultivating a love for writing among children and young people is a truly noble cause in the 21st century. Here’s hoping these awards long continue to help youngsters strive to find beauty in the construction, craft and sharing of one’s writing. Graham Turner 

For more information on the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards, see hkywa.com  

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