Laneway Festival Singapore 2016

This event has passed
Jan 30

So much talent, so little time. We seek out the five must-watch acts at St Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore 2016

Stephen Bruner is a bass god. Over the years, his grooves have informed a series of seminal projects, namely, a stint with thrash-punk bashers Suicidal Tendencies, critically celebrated albums by jazz-contortionist Flying Lotus, and most recently, Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 hip hop opus To Pimp a Butterfly.

Hudson Mohawke
For mostly good reasons, dance music is now run by trap. And when it comes to delivering all of that and so much more, you don’t have to look beyond this Scottish rabble-rouser. If you liked Yeezus, then you’ll know what we’re on about. If not, just cue his recent melody-forged, banger-laden solo album Lantern for a feel on how hard he’ll shake you when he takes the decks.

If ‘indie rock’ to you means guitar-powered exercises, then you should be in the front row when it’s Metz o’clock (by doing so you consent to lending your body to the mosh pit). With ethereal, digi-minded ‘textures’ now part of the rock lexicon, what this Canadian trio bring to the table is a tricky proposition. But that’s what makes them so refreshing – and powerful.

Three years after her name-making 2012 album Visions, the Canadian poptimist released the acclaimed follow-up Art Angels. It’s not that Angels is a better-than-great record that you should be thrilled to see Grimes. Rather, it’s because Grimes herself has blossomed into a much-better-than-great musician that you can expect nothing but a transcendental showing from her.

Even a casual listen of tunes from the self proclaimed ‘musician, comedian, singer, rapper and twerker’ will reveal that his schizophrenic aesthetic runs through canons of music with a winning verve. If your thing is technicolour dance-pop with a funk-kissed thrust, you’ll want to catch this Las Vegas wunderkind in the act.

Sat Jan 30, The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay, Singapore.


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