Check in: Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, Tokyo


On its opening in late April, Hotel Gracery Shinjuku’s specially themed rooms were already booked solid for months ahead. The reason? Its Godzilla-themed room, complete with life-size claws bursting through the walls, special edition film merch for sale and even Godzilla-themed desserts. The hotel also has a giant Godzilla poking out the top of the roof as well. Relaxing? Not really. Awesome? Yes.
The rooms
There are 970 rooms in total and most of them don’t have anything to do with Godzilla. You can book the Godzilla Room on the top floor, which features a Godzilla claw looming over the bed (really), as well as plenty of other monstrous details. There are also six Godzilla ‘view’ rooms, which have regular décor but let you look out over the large Godzilla. This is particularly good fun when he roars and snorts periodically during the day. All the other rooms are a reasonable (for Tokyo) 18sqm or above and come with bathrooms with a separate toilet and onsen-style bath tub, plus all the basics such as a TV, Wi-Fi, coffee machine and a comfortable bed.

The facilities
The hotel has opened as part of a larger entertainment complex downstairs, meaning you can shop, visit a variety of restaurants and even go to the cinema, all within the same building. The hotel itself has concierge staff who speak a variety of languages, a floor for ladies only and offers a buffet breakfast. There are also two restaurants: Bonsalute Kabuki is an Italian pizza joint, and Café Terrace Bonjour has a lounge vibe and international menu.

The bottom line

People are going to be queuing up to stay in this hotel for years, if only because it’s got a whopping great Godzilla sticking out the roof. And that’s a valid reason. But it’s also one of the biggest and swankiest hotels in the bustling Kabukicho area. This is a great place to stay if you want to throw yourself into a real city break with a clean and comfy bed for the night. Anna Cummins

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku 1-19-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, +81 3 6833 2489; Rooms from $875 (inc tax) per night.


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